FAQ: Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party
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Why does making a series cost so much??

Our script is the same length as a full-length film, and very low-budget films usually cost a minimum of $100,000 to produce. Location, paying actors and crew (not to mention feeding them!), gathering props and costumes all adds up very quickly. We are trying to produce this series for the absolute bare minimum. The more money we make past our goal, the better we’ll be able to make the show. And don’t forget kickstarter fees and perks eat up 10% of our earnings once we’ve earned it! And if we don’t make our goal, we won’t get any money at all, and all of our dreams will be crushed forever. Last updated: Fri, Feb 19 2016 3:30 pm EST

What if one of your actors books another job and can’t be in it?

That is always a possibility, but we are going to try our best to make sure we schedule our dinner party so that everyone can be there. Last updated: Fri, Feb 19 2016 3:33 pm EST

Where and when will you shoot?

If all goes as planned, we’ll be shooting in April or May at a super awesome house with secret passageways and lots of fun nooks and crannies. Last updated: Fri, Feb 19 2016 3:33 pm EST

When will the show be out?

It’s hard to say for sure, but we’d love to have it up by the end of the summer. Last updated: Fri, Feb 19 2016 3:33 pm EST

Can I be sure that there will be ravens in this series?

There will definitely be ravens. Don't tell Lenore. - e. poe Last updated: Fri, Feb 19 2016 3:33 pm EST

Shipping Updates

Current Estimated Shipping Date: October 2016

Last Updated At: 03/21/16
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